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Laura Lyn

Inspirational Psychic & Medium

Laura Lyn has been across the country and internationally, bringing her message about love always being the right answer. She helps people find their direction in life. On the stage, she is witty and real.  The most skeptical walks away with a new way to look at energy and light.  

Don't forget to visit her Media Page to see the many people that she has had the pleasure to be connected with over the years!

Laura's Mission

Laura hopes to help people find their inner light. She sees the best in a person and helps that person see it in themself. She feels led to help people through their grief, challenges, and also their brightest gifts. 

Laura's Vission

Laura enjoys hearing about past sessions and the accomplishments since. She anticipates greeting people for years to come that has taken her insight and ran with it, beautifully improving their life situations. 

Contact Laura Lyn at

2003 West Market St., Akron, Ohio 44313

1 (330) 618-7428

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