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Laura Lyn with Light People!

President and First Lady Carter with Laura Lyn

Theresa Argie from Haunted Housewives & Laura Lyn on Fox News Halloween 2018

 James Van Prague & Laura Lyn

Coast to Coast George Noory with Laura Lyn 

 Rosemary Ellen Guiley we miss you!!! <3 

Laura Lyn & the KRMA Radio Team  Paul Difranco

Cathi Weber Haunted Housewives

Musician Wynton Marsalis, and Laura's Father

Rosemary Ellen Gully, Sherri Brake and Laura Lyn

 Sherri Brake from Haunted Heartland & Laura Lyn

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Laura Lyn Tapping In

Search the Olentangy Caverns with Laura Lyn

Psychic Medium Laura Lyn visits the Olentangy Caverns in Delaware, Ohio, and explains her interpretation of the spirits, beings, and energies she experiences!

Explore President Jimmy Carter's first home with Laura Lyn

Angel Reader Laura Lyn investigates President Jimmy Carter's (first) Haunted House

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Media Inquiry

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