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​What do your Angels, Guides & Loved ​Ones have to say?

Ask Laura Lyn

Hello and Welcome! 

I am an Angel Reader, teacher, author, and spiritual life coach.  I believe everyone has a Divine Purpose, and I LOVE to help a person discover that. Your life stories inspire me, and by working together, we can help to overcome your life challenges.  

I tap into spiritual and emotional energy to help people find peace, love, and comfort. I especially enjoy helping people understand what their gifts are and how to utilize them best. I work with Angels, Spirit Guides, and Departed Loved Ones to receive answers. 

Many people ask what my beliefs are. I grew up with the Christian faith. I believe in the power of prayer. I also practice Native American lessons that my Spirit Guide, Spotted Owl, taught me through meditation. 

My home is in Akron, Ohio, but I travel nationally for teaching and other spiritual pursuits. I run many classes and retreats, along with my readings. I hope we get a chance to connect soon! 

About Laura Lyn

Laura realized this was her calling over twenty years ago. She has inspired thousands of people by giving them spiritual insight into their journey.

Laura has been on media through tv, stages and traveled across the country bringing her messages to those seeking enlightenment. 

Laura is a regular at Lily Dale NY where she teaches eager students to tap into the spirit. 

Have had the pleasure to meet Laura in person with my family several years ago. What a treat! Laura knew nothing about us before that gathering but she spewed out EVERYTHING about us; to us! She is exceptionally accurate and my family adores her. Laura is full of wisdom, light, love, and blessings! Thank you for all of your help Laura, we love you!

posted on March 2, 2017 by Michelle Cosma

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If you are going through life challenges or transitions,  let me help you on your life path! Your Angels and guides will know the answers! 

1 (330) 618-7428  

Office Address:  2003 West Market St. Akron, Oh. 44313

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