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The altar serves as a sacred place where you can have a collection of powerful symbols to honor Spirit. The meaning of the word altar is “high place” which indicates the most important aspect of the altar – to serve as a connection point between you and the divine. Spiritually, your altar should express and encourage a personal relationship with divine consciousness.


Place powerful symbols on your altar.

Symbols can be anything that you consider helpful to your ability to focus and send forth energy, such as a carving of your personal animal totem, a statue of a Guardian Angel, or an amulet that has special meaning to you. This is a wonderful place to show honor to your higher power.


Place elements on your altar.

Stones and crystals that are known to promote higher spiritual awareness (ametrine, amethyst, fluorite, opal, obsidian, etc.) is a wonderful and powerful tool for an alter. Adorn your altar with your favorite seasonal fresh flowers and an altar cloth that is not used for any other purpose. Although in some traditions the altar cloth is red or green, you may choose to use a piece of fabric that is pleasing or meaningful to you (such as a scarf or piece of lace from a loved one). Anything that increases your ability to attune with the divine and focus energy is appropriate for your altar. Remember, it is your energy and intention that releases the stones’ properties for love, luck, prosperity, healing, or any desired change in your life. You should design your altar so that you feel a sense of connection with a higher consciousness when you approach it.


Setting for your altar.

Practically speaking, your altar is a place to keep your stones, incense, candle holders, symbols, and other tools that you will use. It can be a permanent place in your home or yard that remains set up all the time, or it can be set up for each occasion. If temporary, keep all the parts wrapped together in a special place such as a wooden, stone or metal box for safekeeping. If you leave it up all the time, ensure that it is located in a quiet place where it will be not be disturbed when you are not using it.


Try to use a marble or wood table as the base – this could be a tree stump, bureau, dresser, coffee table or even a shelf. You will find as you design your altar that there are certain items that you will use consistently. These usually include candles of various colors, candle holders, incense and an incense burner, a bowl, a flower vase, perhaps a crystal ball, and a supply of gemstones.


Gemstones and crystals

It is good to keep a collection of basic gemstones and crystals on hand. Choose a selection that can be used for a variety of needs. These might include:



  • Amethyst – Psychic energy, calming, protection


  • Peridot – Connection


  • Lapis – Spirituality and growth


  • Tiger’s Eye – Insight


  • Garnet – Self confidence and energy


  • Carnelian – Creative energy


  • Quartz – crystal stones, clusters or points Heighten the power of other stones


  • Black Tourmaline – Dispel negativity


  • Aventurine – Growth, luck and prosperity


  • Emerald – Love


  • Turquoise – Love and protection from negative energy


  • Agate -Strength and protection


  • Fluorite – Concentration


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