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The first time I held a pendulum I was fascinated by the frequency that seemed to mysteriously move through the chain into the pointed crystal. I was simply amazed that the pendulum seemed to have a mind of its own. It was quickly explained to me that the frequencies come from the inner knowing source. There is a theory that the pendulum is moving from minute involuntary muscle movements that gives the receiver the answers.


I could buy into that concept, but I was skeptical all the same.


I tried many experiments and asked other people to ask me questions that I could not have the answer, time and time again the pendulum knew the correct correspondence so I was left with a knowingness that yes, we do have the answers within us and there are wonderful tools such as pendulums and dowsing rods that can show us in these quests in exact manner.


Here are some ideas to help you utilize the art of receiving answers through the use of pendulums.


  • Allow your body to loosen and relax, shake out any tensions, allow your mind to empty, remaining emotionally detached and objective.

  • Stabilize your posture, a good idea is to always take a nice deep breath and release paying attention to your stance.

  • Try to avoid preconceived notions of the forthcoming answer.

  • Ask the pendulum what is a yes answer, then ask what does no look like, finally ask what neutral demonstrates.

  • Pendulum movements are programmed with your conscious mind, knowing this its best to allow yourself the dignity to believe in your answers, thus checking and rechecking is fruitless… BELIEVE and ACCEPT.

  • Remember to ask for the greatest good and intentions.Remember, if you are asking questions for self gain, blockage can happen. Always dowse for the highest and best interest for others.

  • If asking a question for yourself first check if the pendulum will give you a clear answer by asking the pendulum if it’s ok to ask this question. We can have a tendency to skew the answer if not careful; thus it’s always best to qualify the question before receiving an answer.

  • Remember to concentrate on the question; a wandering mind will result in an answer to whatever you are thinking about at that moment.

  • If having problems receiving answers, ask yourself if you are too angry, lonely, hungry or tired. These emotions and affects have a large effect on the answers.

  • Clear questions to your higher knowingness will result in concise answers.

  • Practice and practice more and above all enjoy your results from learning the art of the pendulum.


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