Through the Trees

“You can’t see the forest for the trees” is a commonly used phrase. Many of us are so busy and concerned with the day to day tasks of living in a modern world that we often forget how connected everything is and how connected we are to the world around us.


We will again look at our brothers and sisters, the trees, and think about how they can help us reconnect and reenergize ourselves with the earth and the higher realms. This can be accomplished by not just looking at them, but looking through them.


You can do this now. Simply look out of your window and find the first tree you can. Now, look at the leaves, branches, and trunk.  Next, look towards the top of the tree, between the leaves at the sky. The trees reach up towards the sky with branches like arms outstretched. The sky, which is really the entire universe and everything in it that we are a part of, the trees can touch this, and so can you. Lift up your arms and feel the power of the cosmos flowing through you.


The trees aren’t simply made of branches though. There is the trunk and the bark, and the roots planted firmly in the ground. The bark is the grit of the world backed by layers of history and memories. Think of your own body as your trunk and your skin as the grit covering layers of your own history in this life, and perhaps lives past. You can handle whatever is thrown at you because you are strong. Your legs and feet are also like the roots of the tree, planted firmly on and in the ground. You can stand strong and tall.


The roots draw their energy from the soil just as you can draw energy from the earth, as well. The next time you are outside, think of the trees and how they are connected to what is above, what is here, and what is below, and how you are, too. Lift your arms up to the sky and picture the universe and the sunlight bathing down on you and through you. Picture it flowing to the ground, out from the soles of your feet, and growing like roots into the earth. Picture the earth in exchange giving you its nutrients, flowing back up through you and out from your arms, lifted to the sky. Your brothers and sisters, the trees, are showing you the circle of love. There is a balance to everything and we are connected to all of it.


Enjoy the energy of the trees : )

Laura Lyn



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