Spring Cleaning

Time to open the windows and air out; to throw away unneeded clutter and organize…. Your thoughts! Spring is traditionally a season of rejuvenation and rebirth. Now that the sun has returned and the flowers are blooming, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the momentum and positive energies of the world around you. Freshen your body, mind, and spirit and concentrate on achieving positive goals and a positive you in the upcoming year.


There are countless items we could cover in regards to spring, sunshine, the outdoors, and walking (and give us enough time, we just might) but this article will focus on grounding ourselves in the present, opening up our minds to the future, and accepting and letting go of the past. It will also focus on:


Yes, our carbon-breathing, oxygen giving brothers and sisters.


Let us meditate for a moment on the tree. Sturdy roots, planted in the earth. The roots have been there since the beginning, holding onto the earth so that the tree may grow to its full potential. The roots are old and filled with history, as are the innermost rings of the trunk. Consider the famous Red Woods in California, all that they have lived through and seen. Perhaps there is a family tree in your yard that was planted long before you were born and will still be there after you’re gone. And yet, every year, a tree will shed its leaves and bloom ones anew.


The leaves last no longer than a couple of short seasons before withering and dying, so that new ones may grow.


A tree may lose some of its branches, but as long as it’s given proper nourishment and time to grow, new ones will grow in its place. The branches are like arms outstretched towards the sun.


In this way, the tree represents both history and the past, but also new life and the future. A tree wouldn’t be able to reach for the sun if it didn’t have its roots in the past. But it doesn’t hold on to dead energy; it can let go, and make room for a new life.


The tree is also a home and a shelter to other living things, while being alive itself. It provides food and nourishment for beings other than itself, all the while asking for nothing in return, except being allowed to continue to grow.


We can learn a lot from the trees, so I encourage you to go out and hug one for yourself. Wrap your arms around its bark and squeeze. As you squeeze, envision all the pent up stress and worries you have been pushed from your bodies into the tree.


After all, most of us are cooped up in the winter, and we coop up our thoughts and anxieties as well. Just like plants, we too can wither without enough sunlight. Take all that and envision the tree soaking it up along with the carbon you breathe out. What is poison to us is a breath of fresh air to the tree. Now envision those thoughts being stored in the leaves of the trees- in the fall, the tree will shed those negative thoughts along with its old leaves. It doesn’t mind, it does this every year.


This leaves your mind open and clear to focus on being filled with the sunshine and fresh air of the spring. Don’t you feel lighter just thinking about it?


So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Go outside NOW and be reborn with all of nature this spring. : )


Renew and be blessed,

Laura Lyn


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