What to do if you come into contact with a spirit

Things are going bump in the night and your hair is standing on end. You have found yourself living in a ghost story, but there is a key difference. You don’t feel threatened, but uneasy and annoyed. There is a presence in your home, and the worst part is that it’s acting like you’re the nuisance. How do you proceed?


Many ghosts, spirits, and entities are nonviolent. They are simply lost and confused. Sometimes they may not realize they have moved on. You can help them! If you are someone that meditates often and feels comfortable, feel free to try to make contact. If you are not used to communicating with your inner spirit or other planes, practice first! Practice, perseverance, and patience are key when doing work with spirits. Meditate and learn to listen to the inner voices. When it becomes second nature, you will be surprised at how easy it will be to actually converse with a spirit!


When you are ready to begin making contact with the spirit, you’ll want to ask some key questions first (it is just like getting to know someone in the physical realm). Ask them who they are, why they are there, and if they need help. Everyone picks up on the answers differently. When a spirit responds to me, I feel it on the right side of my mind. Ask if they would like help from you. If they respond negatively, do not be afraid to tell them they no longer need to be present in this plane, and again, offer your assistance to help them find where they may be more comfortable.


Remind them of “the light” that they’ve heard of. Explain that the light is unconditional love, and it exists within them, as well. Tell them the light is the creator, and as they were created by the creator, they are part of that light and they return to that light by simply believing. Ask if they can see it and if they understand. If they say they can see it, tell them to look closer. Tell them they should be able to see other loved ones that have departed waiting for them in, and as part of the light.


At this point, offer to open up the doorway and lead them into the light to reconnect with their loved ones. It is at this point that the spirit is usually absorbed by the light and they have moved on. Do not be surprised if you suddenly feel very emotional or tired after this interaction. That is normal. You have just helped lead someone back to the heart of the cosmos. That takes a lot of energy!


If the spirit reacts very negatively or seems malevolent, do not open yourselves up to them! Ground yourself and practice white light meditation to protect yourself, and then seek further assistance elsewhere. You do not know what you are dealing with, and negative energies will lie about who they are and their purpose.


If the spirit does not seem malevolent, but is resistant to your help, try cleansing your home with sage, and continue to practice your meditation untill you feel strong enough to try to persuade them to reach the light again.




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