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Healing with Angel Rays by Ohio psychic Angel Reader Laura Lyn

Healing With the Angel Rays

by Laura Lyn

"This book is filled with love, wisdom, and useful, practical information about healing with the angels. The author knows her subject matter through and through."

-Robert Schwartz, author, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born



The ABC's of Psychic Development by Ohio psychic Angel Reader Laura Lyn

The ABC's of Psychic Development:

Awareness, Belief, and Courage

by Laura Lyn

We all have a certain capacity to sense energy. Many people may never be aware of what they are sensing, even though every aspect of their lives is influenced by the energies around them.


This book is designed to help you become reacquainted with natural psychic abilities. The exercises provided will help enhance your potential for tapping into the spirit on every level.


The ABC's of Psychic Development:

Awareness, Belief, and Courage

by Laura Lyn

Join us on this unique journey which shows that our individual path is exactly as it is meant to be. Within this book you will find universal and individual guidance. There are many clues within the sleep trance channeled sessions that will help you realize your destiny. 

When delving into the spirit realms physical rules and boundaries cease to exist. You will find that all is truth through love. Expanding on these thoughts can lead to the understanding of the non-physical spiritual world. 

The sessions through Laura Lyn includes words from Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Yogananda and many other great spiritual thinkers. While channeling through hypnotic sleep trances these spiritual beings came through and shared their wisdom and light.

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