June 9th 2-5pm


Psychometry is a psychic skill that enables someone to pick up information from an object that’s closely connected to a person.  Psychometry readings can accurately describe someone’s character, looks or things that have happened to them just by holding something along the lines of a well-worn ring or fav necklace of theirs. Clairsentience is the ability to receive psychic information through sensing or feeling the subtle energy of an environment.


During this class, you will learn how to tap into an item and psychically feel the energy around you. 



Please bring items from loved ones such as a pendant, watch or keys... If you use Oracle or Tarot Cards you may also bring them to learn a way to tap into energy after someone touches the card. No worries if you do not have Oracle Cards. They will be supplied for the class. 


This class will be held in a unique spot. The old Kent Jailhouse was built in 1869. 


Seating is limited so please act fast!


Class Cost $40pp

The address is Fred Fuller Park, Kent, OH 44240 947 Middlebury Road, Kent, Ohio 44240



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