Magical Mystical Kent Stage Psychic Fair

June 4th & 5th 11-6pm 

Twenty Minute Readings $25

Pre Admission Ticket Only $5.00

or $7 at the door!



Rev. Luna Hart is a licensed non-denominational priestess, ritual artist, musician, certified hypnotherapist, Reiki II practitioner, herbalist, and henna artist.  Her years of practice in Paganism, Dianic and Gardnerian Wicca, Tibetan Buddhism, and Zen Buddhism give her a wide range of tools to help you toward enlightenment and empowerment.


Luna has thirty years of professional experience as an astrologer and psychic tarot reader. She uses her gifts as an empath, clairaudient, and clairsentient to tune in to the psycho-spiritual patterns at work in your life, bring insight to your past, and clarity to your choices in the present.  Her readings are accurate and compassionate, and her goal is to give you the inspiration and resources you need to move forward with confidence.

Kathleen Cowley is a psychic medium/ healer. She is a member of the First Spiritualist church of Erie. She is clairvoyant, clairaudiant, and clairsentient. She is a mother, wife, homemaker and fully believes that what you put out is returned to you. She loves helping others through readings and healings. 

Kathleen is involved with Mystical Drumming by Mary Lou Betcher and assists by providing spiritual and mediumship messages to those in attendance.

Ramona Carroll. With the help of my Spirit Guides, I am able to contact Spirit teachers and guides, friends, family, and others.  My intuitive “sight” is all-emcompassing.  I am able to see Spirit, hear Spirit, smell scents, taste flavors, and occasionally feel touch.  


Through the use of my mediumship, tarot and oracle readings, psychometry, or coffee ground and tea leaf readings I receive information to help provide guidance, confirmation, love, and support from those that have passed.  Let me help you get in contact today with those you wish to speak to.


I also teach classes on different Metaphysical aspects including, but not limited to, Spiritual Development, Intuitive Symbology, Candle Blessings, Meditation, and many other items.



Becky Stine discovered after taking several of Laura Lyn's classes more than 7 yrs ago, that she is an intuitive reader. After encouragement from others in the classes and friends, Becky has branched out into giving readings at psychic fairs and events. Using Oracle Cards, Becky will give insights into your life's path. Also interested in the paranormal, Becky has been a member of

S.I.G.H.T. of Ohio and RIP Ohio, participating in Spirit Rescue. 

Since age six Kim has known her connection to the spirit world. Developing her gift under her mentor, a Rosicrucian master, while living most of her life in Sedona, Az also learning many facets of believe including that of Eckankar. When moving to London, England she came under the instruction of an eastern Indian Babaji where she learned the importance of why and how to share her gift for the love, comfort and good that it brings to others. Moving to Ohio has given Kim the opportunity to spend many weeks every summer over the years to share in ongoing enrichment of knowledge with the residents and visitors of Lily Dale, NY including our own Laura Lyn. Readings by Kim also include psychometry and crystal energy. Visit fbpg Ms Kim-Spirit Word for more info on readings and upcoming meditation gatherings for overcoming trauma.

Samantha Wilmoth has been offering spirit & tarot readings, guided healing meditations & past life regressions along with other services in the NE Ohio area for the last 30 years. She is adamant about assisting others in opening up their own personal connections to the Divine. She offers her services at her own home based office in Kent and is often seen on Saturdays at the Empire of Magical Thought and on campus at Kent State on Mystic Mondays. 

STEPHANIE ALLISON I am a certified Angel Ray healer/practitioner, a level 1 Bioridian healer/ practitioner. I do intuitive readings using different oracle decks and my 

nitche` is Animal Totem Readings.  I’m involved with a development 

group called Angel Ray Spirit Circle where we develop our mediumship 

skills in spirit rescue; facilitating those spirits who are Earth bound who 

seek assistance and guidance continuing their journey on to spirit realm. 

Gifted since the age of three from a near death experience, Rev Elizabeth Howell shares her gift of being a messenger through tarot, astrology and mediumship to help others on their life path.  Elizabeth is a Reiki master, certified herbalist,certified Hypnotherapist, and ordained minister. She hosts Psychic Sushi TV show on Time Warner cable channel 21 on the BAT station.  


Ben Stinehas been interested in the paranormal and spiritual arts for most his life. He realized he had psychic gifts when he started tapping into nature at a very early age. The presence he felt was undeniable and from there he became diligent in studies of the psychic arts. Ben was a member of several paranormal teams where he helped families find peace by explaining what he felt and received intuitively in the home. His reading style of the tarot is both learned from book resources and intuitive.

Psychic Sonya Horstman is a natural born psychic specializing in American Indian Hand Trembling which is an Aura reading gift that she shares with others. She is Also a top rated Tarot Card reader found at local Ohio psychic fairs and several Pubs. Noted for her Ghost tours in the Fall her Haunted Cleveland Tours for the past 14 years have been giving tours of local haunted places in Cleveland, Medina, Oberlin and Portage County.
Iris has always been intuitive, and has followed her instincts in shaping many aspects of her life. In August 2009, however, she began developing her insights in earnest. Since then she has studied Spiritual and Psychic Development, Animal Communication and a variety of other topics (i.e. crystals, tarot, astrology). Currently, she specializes in animal communication and healing. She has also attained certification as a Reiki Practitioner, and is an ordained minister.

Chris Dennis has been a practicing medium for over 8 years, his beautiful and amazing gift has been with him since childhood. He has been featured on several Blogtalkradio segments on the Reader Tash Show reading for people all over the country Chris has also been on WKYC news explaining his gift. The way spirit works with Chris is simple, spirit shows him signs, symbols, names and dates to validate he is speaking to your loved ones. He is a strong empath, which means he is able to feel your emotions as well as the spirit he channels, making your reading all the more genuine. Chris is highly blessed and humble to give people the peace they need and prove continuation of life after death.


William Tuma is a professional astrologer who has been practicing in the Greater Cleveland area for over 35 years. In addition to counseling his clientele he also teaches at a number of venues and lectures throughout the country. He is an accomplished writer who has written for national publishing houses, including Llewellyn Publications. William has appeared on a number of radio and television programs, including “It’s in the Stars” with Sandra Leigh Serio and the “Scott Newell Show”. He is knowledgeable in many areas of astrological study including natal interpretation, forecasting, synastry and karmic astrology.



Ghosts of Kent Walk with

Richele Charlton Sunday

$10.00 pp First come list at fair!

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The Kent Stage was constructed in 1927 as a silent movie and vaudevillian theater and is the sole surviving downtown theater in the county.

175 East Main Street
Kent , OH 44240