5 Signs Spirits Are Communicating With You

“It was the wind”, you tell yourself again as the back door swings open for the third time this week. Things have been getting a little too much like Poltergeist lately, but how do you know if something really is speaking to you, or if it is just your imagination? While any one of these signs isn’t definitive proof that you have a haunting on your hands, if several happen with alarming frequency, or seem to be getting stronger, you may want to seek help from a medium or other sources.

1. Animals

Many times animals can sense things before we do, and a beloved pet acting unusual could be the first sign of things not being quite right in your home. There are many theories as to why animals are capable of sensing the spirit world, but the undeniable fact of the matter is that their natural senses are just better than ours. Animals have sharper noses, more sensitive eyes, and better hearing, so if a spirit is making a rattling sound we can’t hear, Scruffy still might be able to.

So, if a normally quiet dog suddenly starts whining and running in circles, or a cat has his ears back and stares into a seemingly empty corner of the room for just a little too long, something could be there.

2. Electronics

Everything requires energy. Everything is energy. While in our physical bodies we convert food to energy that gives us the ability to do the things we do, the spirits have a much more difficult time finding the energy to do what we would consider a simple task. They will often borrow (or simply take energy from) our electronic devices. If you have a new cell phone that can’t hold a charge or light bulbs that continuously pop, you may have a ghost on your hands. Sometimes computers, televisions, and DVD players will turn on and off as a spirit tries to figure out how to get your attention or siphon the energy it needs.

3. Noises

It seems clichéd but that’s only because it is the most frequent and common sign of a haunting. As stated above, spirits have a hard time finding ways to gather enough energy to make their presence known, and banging, rattling, or knocking, is a quick, abrupt, and low energy way to let us know they’re here.


Occasionally, a spirit who is older and/or stronger will be able to gather enough energy from its environment to affect us physically. If you suddenly feel like you were bit, and a scratch or other injury appears, more likely than not you have a haunting. If it gets to this point though, there were probably several other signs that already led you to this conclusion. If you do find yourself dealing with a malevolent spirit, the best thing you can do is not to panic! Some spirits find that they can feed off our fear as negative energy and the more scared you get the stronger they can become.

This does not mean every time a spirit touches you it is malevolent. Sometimes a spirit will poke, push, or tap you. Sometimes, you may even feel a pressure on your chest during the night. Again, do not panic. The ghost certainly wants your attention, but may not want to harm you. Don’t you sometimes tap someone on the shoulder if they didn’t hear you when you called?

5. Visual

Last but not least, sometimes ghosts can manifest themselves in a visual way. They can show up in our mirrors, in photographs, as shadows, and in the corners of our eyes. Again, due to it requiring an incredible amount of energy, ghosts find it hard to manifest themselves in a way we may find familiar, especially for long periods of time. Why do we so often see ghosts only in the corners of our eyes but not when we look for something full-on? Our central vision requires a lot of bright light in order to process images while our peripherals can make out shapes and images even in low lighting. A ghost with only a limited amount of energy, and no physical body to reflect light off of, may only be manifested in a way that can be picked up by rods but not cones. This is also why a camera is sometimes able to pick up images of ghosts that our eyes cannot.

It is important to understand there may be perfectly normal (not necessarily paranormal) explanations to any one of these signs of a haunting. Old houses creak and have faulty wiring, and sometimes it really is just the wind. That may be a spider bite on your arm… It is important to rule out other explanations before deciding you have a haunting on your hands. 

Think of it in terms of mental health diagnosis. Many doctors will not medicate a patient unless their condition makes it almost impossible for them to live a normal life. When attempting to cleanse your house of a negative spirit or help a peaceful spirit to cross over, sometimes it leaves you open and vulnerable to other entities who will use the temporary connection made between the physical and spiritual realms to cross through. 

You could lose one ghost for another or something worse! This can cause many sleepless nights, not to mention a drained wallet. Sometimes, spirits simply want you to know they’re there, so you have to decide if it’s just a few friendly bumps in the night. Is it really so bad if you have Casper for a roommate?

You decide ; )

~ Blessings Always,

Laura Lyn

Spiritual Healer & Psychic Medium


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