Phone Readings With Laura 

Phone readings offer an easy way to connect with Laura Lyn while in the comfort of your own space.  Many people wonder how it is possible to receive an accurate reading while on the phone and not face to face.  Laura picks up information through the airwaves in many ways.  She hears, sees, feels and interprets the messages while talking with you.  She is also looking into her oracle cards during your phone session.  


Laura finds the sessions to be soothing while you are comfortable and there is the added benefit that your loved one is also deeply seated in the familiar area with you.  Even if the loved one has never entered the space while they were physically alive, your items are imprinted with energy that brings comfort to your loved one. This helps the connection be stronger and more precise.


It is beneficial to write out questions before your session.  This will help the spirit guidance prepare the answers that you will receive from Laura.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find that many of the written questions will be answered before you have a chance to ask them to Laura Lyn. ​

Phone Reading Fee Schedule:

  • 30 minute – $75

  • 45 minute – $90​

The reading schedule is open by clicking the button for your chosen reading.  


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