5 Commonly Asked Questions about Past Lives


While the idea of reincarnation and past lives can be traced back to the earliest eras of human history, it has regained a certain amount of popularity among modern Western cultures. Hollywood has us enamored with the idea of two souls travelling through time to find each other again, or to wake up and suddenly discover we were an ancient hero reborn, and must save the world again! These ideas are wonderful to think about, but are somewhat farfetched, and in certain situations can even be ultimately negative to our soul’s journey. Here are some common and practical questions and answers to the idea of past lives.


There are more people than there used to be so how can we all have past lives?


This is an excellent question and kudos for asking it!

There are many, many theories but the one I find most likely is the one of the “fractured” or “broken soul” theory.

Just as the body will break down and separate, so too, can the soul. When we pass on and our bodies are left to decay naturally, it will break down to its base components and combine with other elements of the world around it to create something new. It will become a part of the ground around it, and the grass above it, and it will also become a part of the air. It will become fuel and energy for the animals still living.


The soul can also break apart and recombine with other surrounding entities. A portion of it may stay behind to become a spirit guide for a loved one, or perhaps recombine with a portion of another soul to create a new one. This is, of course, a very brief and basic answer to a complicated question, and I encourage you to delve more into it on your own.


How can a past life reading be helpful?


Much like college, or anything else in life, it is only as helpful as what you make of it.


Just as things that we may not remember in early childhood can form patterns of thought or habits in our adult life, so too can certain events in our past life carry over to the next.


If, perhaps, you are anxiety ridden or obsessive compulsive and have always been that way even though you haven’t been exposed to any real trauma in this life, and your parents were even laid back- it could be because of something you witnessed in a past life. Perhaps you were a soldier that died in battle and you carried over a cosmic case of PTSD.


As with anything, until you identify the source of a problem you cannot fix it.


Some people find it inspiring. Imagine if you were to discover you survived the black plague- well, if you survived the black plague already, you can certainly survive that meeting on Monday morning.


Or, perhaps you were a vaudevillian performer! You may still have some talents left over from that life you can put to use in this one. Some people may even choose different career paths once they find out who they were.

It is all up to you what you do with this new information.


Am I someone famous?


Sadly, we can’t all be Marc Antony or Joan of Arc. Many people during a reading or under hypnosis have said that they were, and there is a possibility that several people do have pieces of Joan and Marc’s soul in them, considering the splintered soul theory previously mentioned.


There is also a Universal Consciousness Theory that can explain why so many people seem to share these past life memories. Every living thing on this planet has a spirit and is connected. In a way, we are shattered fragments of the universe’s soul. We are the universe experiencing itself in different forms, so we all can tap into the memories and lives of the souls around us, even if we aren’t directly carrying that soul inside of us. Confusing? Yes.


So the short answer is no, most of us are not a famous historical figure (as much as we would like to be) but, even Joan of Arc needed her army. So if you feel a strong connection with a historical figure, perhaps you were somehow directly involved in their lives. Just because your name in the past didn’t go in a history book doesn’t make you any less important.


Queen Elizabeth would not have been much of a Queen if she didn’t have anyone to rule or advisors keeping her informed of what was going on in her kingdom. We all have our parts to play, and if you remove any one element, the entire course of history changes.


Do soulmates exist?


This is the million dollar question.

Yes, soulmates exist, but-

Soulmates are overrated.


Soulmate does not always imply romance. A cat could be your soulmate. A best friend could be your soulmate.

It goes, again, back to the splintered soul theory. If you sense a connection with a person it could simply be because you recognize a piece of yourself within them. It does not mean you should get married or date. It just means you share an experience.


Sometimes strange things happen. A mother could have been the daughter of her daughter in another life. Two sisters in this life could have been husband and wife in another. The universe likes to mix things up. These are other examples of soulmates.


And, as much as people don’t like to hear it, just because you were involved romantically with someone in a past life doesn’t mean you are meant to be together in this one (as anything more than friends).The entire purpose of reincarnation is to experience new things and gain more perspective.


The entire purpose is to let your soul grow and ultimately return to the higher consciousness. If you continue to meet the same people, repeat the same relationships, yes, even your soul can get stuck in a rut. No one likes routine, especially not the cosmos!


So, while it may be fun or interesting to discover you have crossed paths with someone in a past life, don’t dwell too much on this, or you’ll wind up in an infinite loop. Worse yet, you might even undo some of the progress you’ve already made on your spiritual journey.


So, if I discover I’ve already met someone in a past life, should I avoid them?


No! Not at all!

In fact, sometimes we run into people again so we can repair damage done in a past life. If you didn’t get along with your sister in a past life, and things ended bitterly, she may come back as your best friend in this one. That is the moving onward and upward of the spiritual ladder.


The biggest point is that you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on things that have already happened. Take the positive that you can from a situation, but don’t dwell. Dwelling is never good. Dwelling prevents you from seeing new opportunities the universe offers you in this life.


The more you grow as a spiritual being, the easier this will become. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is nothing. The universe has ways of righting itself, and the less you do, the more will happen if you can just be aware and listen to that inner voice. You’ve been here before, you’ve done this before, and you’ve gotten through this before. So relax, you’re going to be okay!


Blessings Always,

Laura Lyn


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