Psychic Parties & Group Readings
with Laura Lyn


  • Due to the Coronavirus Epidemic, Until further notice,  Laura will not be booking parties at this time.

  • She is in the process of setting up an online Party platform, so stand by for updates. 

  • She will hold many specials for phone readings and Skype opportunities for groups. Please look at her Reading Page for more information.

  • Thanks so much for your understanding! Keep Healthy and Safe! :) 

Laura Lyn is a highly skilled Psychic Medium with many years of experience. Laura had the pleasure of leading over a thousand psychic parties in Ohio and Nationally since she began her practice in 2005.  The parties hold incredible energy and the experience is something to cherish.  Laura believes in the power of prayer and starts each party off with one to help keep everybody safe.  Please understand that parties require a lot of energy. Laura works hard to make sure she is capturing everything possible for you and your guests.  

Hosting a psychic party is a great way to experience special energy and messages.  Learn about your journey during this unique gathering.

  • Very fun and informative for friends, family, or co-workers to gather and experience a psychic medium!

  • The group setting offers magnified energy that allows for stronger messages.

  • Psychic parties can be held at your home. office or other settings. 

  • Party length is usually 2 to 3 hours (dependent upon the number of guests).

Types of Psychic Parties:

  • Face to Face Psychic parties with Laura Lyn are available in the North Eastern Ohio area.

  • Online Parties will be English-speaking, International

Online Scheduling

 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • For groups larger than 10 people the price is $30 pp Hostess will receive a free reading for a group of 10 or more.  Number 11 is Free! 

  • Daytime Party Special Price up to 10 people.  Prepaid $225

  • Nighttime Prepaid Party Special up to ten people $250

  • Please contact Laura at 330-618-7428 to set up your party

Gallery Style Party

  • This style of party is the most popular. In a group setting, you will receive messages from loved ones, angels and guides in spirit.  Laura will bring aura readings to each guest.


  • Everyone will also receive an individual mini reading.  Time for individual readings will be split up depending on the size of the party. Smaller groups will receive more time per person. 

Private Reading Party

  • Small Gathering Party - A small group of two to five people $250.00 This option is for those who want a very comprehensive, therapeutic and spiritual experience.  Individual readings will be from 20-30 minutes each. * Gas surcharge if the distance in over an hour from Canton.  


  • Larger Gathering Party - 6 to 10  $300 Depending on the number of guests time will be split up for individual readings.​


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