Psychic Parties & Group Readings
with Laura Lyn

About Your Psychic Party:

Hosting a psychic party is a great way to experience special energy and messages.  Learn about your journey during this unique gathering.

  • Very fun and informative for friends, family, or co-workers to gather and experience a psychic medium!

  • The group setting offers magnified energy that allows for stronger messages.

  • Psychic parties can be held at your home. office or other settings. 

  • Party length is 2 1/2 hours. 

  • The host of the party will receive a gift package of spiritual goodies as a thank you. 

  • The party fee is $300

  • $50.00 Deposit for the date is required. 

  • Face to Face Psychic parties with Laura Lyn are available in the North Eastern Ohio area.

  • Online Parties will be English-speaking, International

Online Scheduling

Laura Lyn is a highly skilled Psychic Medium with many years of experience. Laura had the pleasure of leading over a thousand psychic parties in Ohio and Nationally since she began her practice in 2005.  The parties hold incredible energy and the experience is something to cherish.  Laura believes in the power of prayer and starts each party off with one to help keep everybody safe.  Please understand that parties require a lot of energy. Laura works hard to make sure she is capturing everything possible for you and your guests.  

 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Laura will not hold parties larger than 6 at this time.

  • Please contact Laura at 330-618-7428 to set up your party. 

Gallery Style First

 In a group setting, first, we will open up in prayer for protection.  Laura will pen up the channel to receive messages from loved ones, angels, and guides in spirit.  Laura will also read each participant's aura. There will be a healing prayer at the end of the circle.  Expect this to be about half an hour; then we will break off for individual readings.  


 Part TwoPrivate Reading

Laura will split the remaining two hours between guests for individual readings. Please ask your guests to bring a list of questions and a recording device or pull batter on phone for recordings. They may also bring pictures or other items if they wish to help Laura tap in. 


Summer Party Special

Invite your friends and family - for up to 6 people - to a special evening with Laura Lyn. 

$25 Off 

Call Laura at 330-618-7428


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Laura Lyn

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