Oneness Will Heal the World


Remembering our Oneness will heal the world


2012 marks an incredibly important time for our planet. People are moving away from valuing material possessions and separation. Many of us are no longer satisfied with a 9 – 5 and watching television from our reclining  sofa. More and more of us are looking for something bigger than ourselves, something to fill the void  within us which has been caused by forgetting what we all truly are.
Although we all have our own unique personalities, perspectives and preferences, these elements of our character are expressions of our most basic essence – our vast Oneness. It is this Oneness that is what we  really are underneath all of our differences. The hole that so  many of us feel in our lives is easily filled when we remember this simple truth.


Psychic abilities and our Oneness


Our psychic abilities are made possible by our Oneness. It’s easy when you think about it – we’re able to tap into each other’s vibes and feelings because we’re all connected to the same power source, in the same way our five fingers are all joined to the same hand. It’s through this common part of ourselves that we’re able to read each other and to sense events which are yet to happen.
Everything and everyone is an individual expression of the universal energy which creates all things. It’s the energy that makes plants and flowers grow, and the energy that keeps our hearts beating. Having a heart alone doesn’t make you alive; it’s this mysterious force that keeps it pumping. We are all made of this life force energy.


Comfort in our Oneness


It’s comforting to know that underneath our faults, weaknesses and doubts, there is this perfect, divine essence. In fact, our weaknesses only develop when we forget where we’ve come from.
The biggest pain a human being can feel is disconnection. This is why we feel so much grief when a loved one dies, as we feel that the cord which connected us with that person has been wrenched from us. Disconnection causes us to look outside of ourselves for comfort, and we can fall into all kinds of traps – addictions, conflicts, self-harming habits, etc. Reversely, the greatest joy we feel is through connection. When we are in love we are reminded of our oneness, even if only with that person. But the truth is that if we can find a place where we are ‘in love’ with everyone, we will remember that we are one with everyone.

As we are all aspects of ‘God’, this means that when we are in search of answers to our spiritual dilemmas we need look no further afield than ourselves. The best gurus and spiritual teachers will point us back to our innate divine perfection because they know who we really are. We have the answers and all the wisdom of the universe inside of us already, all we need to do is learn how to listen to it.

When we remember our connectivity to all things, this will lead to a deep inner peace. Conflicts are resolved more quickly and easily when we see that we are only ever in conflict with another aspect of ourselves. Fighting with another person starts to feel more like fighting with our own reflection.
We will also find that we are kinder and more loving towards ourselves. When we acknowledge that our essence is divine we can forgive ourselves for things we feel we’ve done ‘wrong’ and believe more in the consistent ever-flowing potential that comes from our divinity.


Our Oneness and the Greater Good


Recognising our Oneness is the only way we will achieve world peace. Wars are not possible when we are in love with others and with ourselves. In a world where everyone favours peace over conflict, the idea of war will become an extinct concept.
But we cannot force this understanding upon others. It is something we must learn and see for ourselves. The greatest gift you can give to the world is to see that you are part of the Oneness of all things. When you do this, the natural peace and love this brings will radiate from you to everyone who crosses your path. Your example will ripple widely. As Gandhi once famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


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