Haunted Radio


Many times, I’ve had strangers tell me that they feel as if their loved ones were nearby. Many times they feel as if the spirits are riding along with them in the car. I can recall one story told to me by the mother of a friend. She was riding in her car and just happened to flip on the radio just as a favorite “golden oldie” was playing. The significant thing about this favorite song was it was one shared between her and a friend she hadn’t thought about in years. She began to sing along, incredibly at peace. She later attempted to get a hold of this old friend and discovered that just as she was in her car her friend had passed away. As she told me this story I felt goose bumps. She believes, and I do too for that matter, that this was her friend bidding her one last goodbye.


Her story is not an uncommon one. In fact many stories have been published both on and offline of similar experiences. Songs just coming on at the right time, with the right words we need to hear. How is it that spirits can manipulate radio station DJs or the background music at stores, just for us, even though hundreds or even thousands of people may be listening? While it’s true that sometimes ghosts will manipulate electronics to communicate with us, many of them will take a more direct route. They will speak to us telepathically, urging us in whispers that only our spirit-self can hear. Operating outside of the physical, spirits can literally tune in to whatever is in the airwaves at the time, and that includes radio signals.


It is entirely likely that the spirit of the departed was riding the waves of that song as it was passing into the car radio of my friend’s mother. Once there, she telepathically nudged my friend’s mother until she felt compelled to turn on the radio, to that station, at just that moment.


It doesn’t always have to be such a, for lack of a better word, dramatic experience. The spirits can use music in all different forms and through all different types of modern equipment to try to speak to us. If you would like to make it easier on your spirit guides and departed loved ones and meet them halfway, try this experiment.


Pop in a favorite mix CD or turn a playlist on your IPod or computer on shuffle. Speak to the spirits. Ask them to open up your ears and your third eye to anything significant they may want you to hear. Press play. Listen, but not intently at first. Go for a walk or clean your house and wait. Wait for a tingle, wait for a moment when something just feels odd, and listen at just that moment. The particular lyric or moment of that song may make your hair stand on end. It may mean something to you and maybe it won’t. Perhaps the song the spirit chose might not make sense but you may hear it again on a later date, under different circumstances, and it will make sense.


Of course, nothing at all might happen; the spirits can be fickle like that sometimes. They work on their own schedule.


At the heart of all these articles and practices is to learn to open up your heart, your mind, and your spirit to messages from the other realm. Sometimes, if we try to look too hard for something, we can’t see it. Like losing car keys and not being able to find them until you’ve given up, only to find that they were on the counter the whole time. Things sometimes don’t appear until you quit looking. Not every song you hear on the radio will be a message, but one day while you’re driving home, you may suddenly feel an odd sensation in your head or your chest just as a chorus is coming on. That is when you need to listen more closely than you have before. It may just be a message of hello, of goodbye, or most wonderful of all, a reminder that you are loved.


~Laura Lyn


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