New Year Ceremony


I love ceremonies and of course, a beginning of a new year is a great reason to celebrate!  A burning bowl ceremony is a beautiful way to ring in the new year with mindful compassion. Taking some moments to reflect is good for your soul. By taking these steps, you will find yourself visualizing what you would like to manifest over the coming year.  You will also be amazed at how good this past year was! No matter how hard or complicated the year may have been there was some good, and this exercise will help you find that perspective.


  • Celebrate The Great Stuff! Look in your life and write down five things that you LOVE about LIFE! You will find yourself smiling as you write the five excellent ingredients that helped complete you! 

  •  Just Let Go! If you got something stored inside that is hurting, let it go up in smoke! It helps greatly to write out the tough stuff. It pulls the energy out of you and in burning the paper it sets it to go somewhere else away from you! 

  • What makes you happy? Whatever light's you up, do more of that!  Maybe its crafts, or walking, or board games, or day trips. Make sure your new year will be packed with planned times for your fun! Look inside your life at what does not make you happy. If your job is sucking the life out,  it's time for a change! There is always a way, look around for your options! 

  • Got an idea? Go for it!. Your ideas are inspirations that are there for a richer more fulfilling life path. The Universe is waiting for you to say "YES!".  The Universe will conspire with you for the good stuff to manifest when you put your right foot in front of the other! Make it your goal to write down your ideas when they come and then make a plan of action.


These four steps will help you clear the old and go with the glow! Have a wonderful and productive New Year filled with rich blessings!


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