Evolving Spiritually?



I call this the Internal Spiritual Shift. You start seeing things dart around in the corner of your eyes. It may sometimes be colors, orbs or even life forms.


  • Singing or humming to yourself for seemingly no reason.

  • Desiring to help people.

  • Ears ringing or a high pitch shhhhhhhhhh sound.

  • Feeling the presence of someone sitting or standing beside of you.

  • Giving away items of value to thrift stores or people in need.

  • Starting to see things more globally.

  • Smelling flowers or a sweet sense when there isn’t any flower or honey around.

  • Having dreams about angels, spirit guides or loved ones.

  • Becoming highly sensitive to loud music or noises.

  • Violent or distasteful television shows has no place any longer in your life.

  • Become interested in cultures around the world.


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