Emotional Day Crystals and Stones

I've been getting a lot of messages/questions about what to do with sadness and stress. My first answer is check with a doc ( obviously I am not ). I have researched extensively herbs, stones, and energy medicine for this. Here are my favorite stones to relieve such feelings.


Energy is very intensive right now, and you could find wearing some of these stones may help take the edge off. I wear Moonstone, Amethyst and Labradorite daily. You can put some or all of these stones together and place in a special bag. Place it near your bed, carry a few during the day. Experiment on what works for you. Place a stone in your hand (I like using my right hand) and close your eyes. See if the stone resonates by taking in the energy. You will sense if it’s right for you or not. Then start combining the stones to feel the effect...


AMETHYST - A distinct calming stone. This is a must for me!


AQUAMARINE - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the calming effect of this one!, This reduces stress and quiets my mind.. BTW this one is a little more pricey.


CLEAR QUARTZ - This one amps up the energy of other stones. I find it balancing for my emotions. A great one to help release negative thoughts kind of shape shifts into positive perspectives.


FLUORITE - Crazy beautiful stone that draws off negative energies and stress.


HOWLITE - Awesome stone for insomnia. an extremely calming stone.


LABRADORITE - Overactive minds love this stone.


KUNZITE - I call this one the kumbaya Stone. Kunzite radiates peace and dispels negativity, mood lifting and relieves panic attacks.


MOONSTONE - So pretty and powerful! This relieves stress and calms over-reactions to situations and emotional triggers.


ROSE QUARTZ - What the World needs now ~ the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.


SMOKEY QUARTZ - The smokey hew of this stone seems to help ease the stress away.


Of course all of this is a matter of discretion. The best thing to do is research and experiment what works best for you... If nothing else the stones offer something pretty to hold and admire! Enjoy the journey.

:) <3

Laura Lyn


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