Laura Lyn has been commissioned to hold many stage shows and large group formats. Please connect with Laura Lyn if you are looking for a solo one on one reader for your event. If you need more than one reader for your format, Laura can make arrangements for that also.  If you would like a stage gallery show for your special event that can also be accommodated. No matter how small or large your event needs Laura will give you a prompt quote. After the event date and time is chosen an invoice will be emailed. Payment will not be expected until the day of the show. It's that easy!


Laura enjoys helping in any way possible to raise funds for special events. Discounted hourly rates are given if the event fundraiser is for children's needs, animals, disabilities, or historical societies/ restoration. Laura Lyn's hourly price is very competitive considering her high skill and background in psychic / mediumship development and stage presence. 



Please call Laura Lyn at 330-618-7428 to discuss your event needs. You may also email Laura Lyn. 

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