Divine Revelation Coaching Sessions

If you are looking for more comprehensive help and support than just a a reading, we can explore deeper into your life goals during any of my coaching sessions. 

  • These sessions may help you with your business, relationships, self-awareness, compassionate counsel for grief or divorce, intuitive arts, or any aspect your life you would like inspiration or healing. 

  • I am a highly-skilled psychic/medium. I will be utilizing my gifts through your sessions. I allow your spirit counsel (spirit guides, angels, loved ones, masters... ) to help inspire your new journey's path. Each session is tailored to your specific needs.

  • If you are interested in any of these sessions we can discuss which option is best for you.


Please call me at 330-618-7428 to discuss your options.

Three Weeks

90-minute session then two one hour sessions 


The 3-Week Coaching option is perfect for:

  • Those looking for assistance developing their own psychic ability. 

  • Support for individuals ready to set goals for their life-path, such as: weight loss, starting a business, or general goal setting.

Five Weeks

90-minute session then four one hour sessions 


The 5-Week Coaching option is perfect for:

  • Those considering starting their own wholistic or psychic practice. 

  • Those seeking more comprehensive, long-lasting, positive, spiritual transformation.

Seven Weeks

90-minute session then six one hour sessions

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The 7-Week Coaching option is perfect for:

  • Working through deep, transformative, life events.

  • Support through bereavement.

  • Support through partnership change or divorce.

  • Helping to spiritually redefine life's adversities for healing and spiritual growth.



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