If you are looking for more than a reading we can discuss going deeper by holding allotted session times for you to delve into your specific life journey goals.


These sessions may help you with your business, relationships, self-awareness, compassionate counsel for grieving, intuitive arts, or any aspect you would like inspiration/ healing with and for.  


The packages include prayers and spiritual channeled/quantum healing, inspirational time. 


The package would be set for either,


Three Weeks ( 90-minute session then two one hour sessions) $250


Five Weeks  ( 90-minute session then four one hour sessions)



Seven Weeks ( 90-minute session then six one hour sessions) Get one Free! 



I am a highly skilled psychic/medium. I will be utilizing these gifts through your sessions. I allow your spirit counsel (spirit guides, angels, loved ones, masters... ) to help inspire your new journey's path. 


If you are interested in setting the sessions please call me at 330-618-7428 so we can coordinate.  



Blessings and much light on your journey!