House Blessings and Cleansings

I  enjoy helping people feel comfortable in their homes. I am regularly asked about home cleansings. I do these after I explain first how you can do a cleansing yourself. If after you do the cleansing you still feel better having me come out or if initially you rather just have me do the cleansing we can set a special time for the process.


I usually ask for a two-hour time slot. Since I am there already I also will have time to give you a reading if you would like one. 


I use a mixture of herbs. prayers, Angel's assistance, and oils for the cleansing. It is amazing how a house feels after the cleaning is finished.


If you are interested in me coming to your space for a house blessing/cleansing please call me at 330-618-7428 so we can discuss and set your time. 


Blessings and light to you,

Laura Lyn


PS Here is an article I wrote on the subject that you may enjoy!


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