About Laura Lyn 

Laura is a renowned psychic medium, paranormal investigator, teacher and author, who works primarily with angels, spirits and guides. She first began having experiences with angels and spirits as a small child.  In her early twenties she decided to pursue working with these enlightened beings as a career to help others in their search for healing and personal development.​


Laura’s focus is to bring forth the awareness of healing through love, while teaching many how to open up to their own spiritual potential. She has published three books, Healing with the Angel Rays, The ABC’s of Psychic Development, and Realm to Realm the Spirits Journey.     

Laura believes that Spirit is everywhere and
lives in the heart and soul of every being...

Laura teaches Angel Ray classes at Lily Dale in New York and has exceeded all past attendance records for her powerful “Ask the Psychic” presentations the public library in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She has also held similar events at Kent State and Ohio University. Laura helps to raise funds for the Summit County Historical Society through her quarterly “Realm to Realm” events at the Perkins Mansion in Akron, Ohio.


Laura hosts the weekly event – Sunday Start Up ~ Enrichment Circle centered on her book, Mantras for the Soul, which is based on the works of Rudolf Steiner.  The circle focuses on bringing forth oneness of mind, body and soul through weekly mantras, music and meditation.As a teacher and paranormal investigator for S.I.G.H.T. (Spiritual Insight Ghost Hunting Team), Laura Lyn has taught classes to hundreds sharing her knowledge of the spiritual methods of ghost hunting. She believes that ghosts are people who have passed from our physical realm into the spiritual realm.  She believes they should be treated with honor and respect. Laura aids in spirit rescue and cleansings, where she helps to bring peace to both the physical and spiritual beings that are in distress.


In 2009, Laura discovered that she had the ability to clearly channel enlightened spiritual beings through sleep trance meditation. She has brought forth messages that have helped many to realize their potential through life path and past life trance messages.Laura has also shared many messages that have come through during presentations, meditations and workshops. She was invited to Columbus, Ohio to speak to the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). There she spoke about the messages that she has received during her channeled sessions regarding spirit perspective, healing the Earth and honoring the self through the realization of love and oneness. The messages have been compiled in her book: Realm to Realm – The Spirit’s Journey.

Laura’s mediumship is loving, compassionate and genuine.  She is a wonderful teacher, guide and mentor. Her classes are fundamental, and “FUN” is the buzz word, but being concise and to the point. She’s hands-on and one-on-one if needed. A true psychic that teaches the ABC’s to her students AWARENESS, BELIEF and COURAGE…

Thanks Laura for being in my life! 

-Steph A.

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