Beauty is only skin deep, right? WRONG!!!

Ok ladies, this one is for all of us!

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “Damn girl, you look hot!”?  If you are like me then it most likely has not happened in a lonnnnnnnnnng time! How about this one? You accidentally catch yourself in the mirror and you get a quick reaction of surprise and admiration? “Wow! I look really pretty today”… Has it happened lately? Why not???


Let me share why from my perspective.  


In our culture we are taught from a very young age that we are just not pretty enough.  If I buy this pair of jeans or this makeup, this beauty tool, this diet pill, maybe I will be pretty like the lady in Cosmo… UGGGGHHH!!!  The beauty industry is a multibillion dollar sham!!! Yep! Let’s get real here. How many women in the magazines are untouched by Photoshop??? Perfect lighting, expert makeup, ridiculous dieting, and of course being naturally photogenic, all helps the superficial practice of making us girls/women feel utterly shamed…  


Don’t buy into it!


You are beautiful as you are! I promise! Will explain a little more about your beauty in a bit! I got caught in this trap for almost my whole life. The more I thought about my weight, the more I ate! I could hardly stand looking at pictures of myself because of my round face and double chin. I felt unattractive, and worse yet, not really worthy. This is horrible to do to our soul and psyche!  But I felt trapped in that endless self-absorption of "I am not pretty enough".  I started praying and meditation on this subject. I wanted an end to this self-critical self-obsession, and I needed to learn where it was coming from. Yes, common sense tells us that the media forces this daily, and I am in somewhat of a public role, so I want to feel good when on stage, but I should be beyond this, right? After all, I am a spiritual woman who knows that love is always the answer, right??? RIGHT!!!


That is the answer!!! 


Ok, so this is where I began. I knew in order for me to have integrity in what I preach, I needed to practice it, as well. This is a beginning quest for me, so I am not saying that I mastered it by any means, but I have found much more peace and light inside from this homework that my spirited guidance brought me.  I hope this helps you, as well! Beauty, real beauty, I already knew I had. After all, I know I am a good woman and have intention to help my friends, family, clients, strangers… who ever needs help. Spirit told me, “In order to see my beauty I really need to see my beauty!"...Huh???  


I received instructions to do the following: Go to a mirror and close my eyes.  Sit there for a couple of minutes with my eyes closed, concentrating on the good qualities inside. They said, “Dig deep!”.  I was about ready to open my eyes to look and they shouted, “Not yet! Really look inside!”.  I then started envisioning not really myself, but the people around me that I friends, family, and clients that have become like family over the years. I started feeling, from their perspective, the love they have for me and vice versa. I began to see through their eyes. They usually don’t see my double chin or round face. They see my smile! A big cute, dimpled smile!  Oh wow, it was really odd to see myself through others' eyes! It felt refreshing!  


The second exercise I was given took a little more time. I was instructed to write five things that truly matter in my world. They instructed that these things are the base or foundation of my world.  

My list was:

  • My Son

  • My family

  • My Friends

  • My pet Rhea

  • My spiritual truths/growth

When I came back to report, I was asked why I didn't list myself.  I looked at the list and realized that I wrote the word "my" five times but never thought to place "myself" as a critical component of what matters in my world.  I listed five facets I truly care about, but there is a difference.  So, I went back to the list and changed it: 

  • Myself 

  • My family (Jason, mom, dad, Lisa, Linda, Russ, Nicki) 

  • My friends (too long of a list to go into here!)

  • My Spiritual Truths/Growth

  • and of course, my cat, Rhea ; ) 


Oh, wow, it sure felt truly odd to place myself first! It felt egotistical and completely wrong for a moment! But, I got the download quickly... if I don’t first hold myself in high standards of admiration and love, then I will not be able to truly accept love from others.  Jeeeeeeez, that subject is a whole different article!


I get it!!!  


So, I wrote a paragraph about why each of these facets are critically important in my world, and it was amazing the beauty that came out! Try it for yourself! So, I asked myself, "Is it ok to work on myself to be more beautiful?".  The answer I received? "Of course it is, if it’s healthy, mindfully and physically".


The answer here is balance and true self love.  


Am I on this diet so I can attract this great guy I care about, or am I on this good eating plan because I care about my physical body and want to live stronger? Ask yourself to tell the truth to yourself! Why the diet, special clothes, make up? If it is to feel great inside and to improve your core, then great!  


Gals, it’s deep in our DNA/biology to look attractive… nothing wrong with that! I'm just now starting to fully understand what truly being attractive is, and it is not just a pretty face. It is the whole package of feminine, enriching, enfolding, embracing goodness that oozes confidence, wisdom and grace. That’s a whole lot of punch to show the world!  


You can do it! 


So, something really awesome happened after this little spiritual exercise.  I looked deep in the mirror and came to an appreciation of my curves, scars and so called blemishes.  They, after all, were all earned by a lifetime of being me! Every inch of my physical body tells a story. We all hold within our every cell a memory bank, of sorts. My story is unique... the same as yours is unique. We all hold wonderful, explosive, and passionate memories.


This is your beauty!


Your story, and deep inner core of life experiences, holds the secrets of your inner journey.  What you do with that will shine out! I promise this will work if you work it.  Try it for one week and share with me what happened.  Do the exercises I instructed in this article, and then go out into the world and smile.  Share your beauty! 


So, my beauty tip of the day is free!

Smile big and look deep inside!

Look around and feel the love that others show you every day.  

You are beautiful...really, really beautiful!  

Your beauty is the light that is God/Goddess given at birth.

Your soul attains this light through the universal truth that we are all from the same star dust that begins with light.

You are H.O.T. Honoring One's Truth.  

The truth is light, and in the light is beauty!  

You already hold the beauty, and the beauty is way deeper than your skin.  


With Light and Love,

Laura Lyn


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