5 Ways to protect yourself from

negative energies

You can't explain it, but you just haven't felt "right" lately. You feel moody, exhausted, and drained. You've been saying and doing things you wouldn't normally do, perhaps snapping at loved ones. You've been to the doctor and know you are not sick, but something still isn't right.


We all have days when we're feeling down, but this goes beyond your average depression. It is entirely possible that you are being attacked by dark energies. Sometimes it isn't always a direct attack. Many social workers, people in the healthcare field, or anyone who has to come into direct daily contact with different sorts of people can sometimes find that the negative energy in other peoples’ lives can attach itself to theirs. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this!


1) Sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest! Fill your life with plants and sunlight! The sun is the ultimate source of light and life for our planet and you can't get much more positive than that! Plants are also positive forms of life incapable of negative thought- they also give off life-giving oxygen and it’s always easier to handle stressful and negative situations when you can breathe! So spend as much time as you can outside, walking, enjoying nature- not only is it spiritually positive, but there are the physical benefits too! If you can't find the time that you'd like to spend outdoors, fill your home with plants and make sure to open up the blinds on sunny days! You will notice the benefits right away. If you can, set the alarm a little early once or twice a month just to get up early and enjoy your first cup of tea or coffee taking in the sunrise. Take a moment to meditate on the first moments of life, and light waking and stirring. It's a positive way to start your day!


2) White Sage is a simple solution that should be done at least once a week to ward off accidental negative energy that we may have come into contact with. Think of it as Febreeze for the soul (especially because it smells nice, too)! Take a small bowl and place a little sand in the bottom (this prevents the bowl from becoming too hot). Place the sage in the bowl and light the ends, but don't let the fire burn too long! Blow out the flames and let the leaves smoke. Be sure to close all windows and doors of the rooms you are cleansing.


3) Grounding yourself, and surrounding yourself with White Light, are two methods that can be done individually, but I have found they are most beneficial when done together. Both are quick and simple meditation exercises, but they are excellent ways to guard yourself against both accidental and intentional attacks. First, to ground yourself, picture a long silver cord running right down the center of your breathing, straight through to the middle of Mother Earth. Feel the power and connection flowing between the two of you through this cord. Remind yourself that we are all one, together, and hold this visualization until you feel deeply connected and altogether in this moment of being. Now, imagine yourself wrapped in a bright, white light. This is the love of not just the Earth, but the universe surrounding you like a blanket. There is no darkness, no hate, only love. Try to remember to practice these meditations once daily- It's like getting a hug from the Universe!


4) This one is a lot less fun than some of the others, but it’s necessary, unfortunately. Keep your home free of clutter! Old magazines, books, and unneeded items can often carry negative energy and spiritual weight. Being surrounded by clutter can also make it hard to think straight! Think of organizing and clearing out your home space as a practice for also clearing out the clutter of your mind! You'll be happy you did it!


5) When in doubt, call on your Guardian Angels! They do watch over us and do protect us. If you feel you are seriously being attacked, consider invoking the help of Michael for protection, Uriel for peace of mind, Raphael for health and healing, and Gabriel to help you walk in the light. They are here to protect us and they will!




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