5 Ways to find a great medium

We all have different paths we are walking in this life and we all have points in our lives where we find ourselves in a fog. Try as we might to find our own answers and trust our own instincts, we all need a little help once in an awhile. Unfortunately, as in every profession, there are extremely credible people, and some that are not so helpful. How can you be sure you are seeking help from someone who really wants to, well, be helpful? Many times we seek mediums in times of extreme vulnerability and there are those who do take advantage of that. Before opening yourself up personally and spiritually to a medium, here are 5 things to consider.


Part 1: Research

1) Ask around! Do you have any friends or family members who have had an experience with a personal medium? Ask them how they felt about it at the time, and whether or not it was a positive experience. Your friends know you and they would not send you to see a movie you wouldn’t like, nor would they send you to someone they didn’t trust.

2) Or perhaps this is more of a private experience for you. That is alright too! The internet is a great tool and makes researching a breeze. Many mediums are online now, but don’t just look at the website they present. Do your research! Google their name and see what comes up. Has anyone reviewed them before? Have they published any other works online? Have they done any charity work? Some mediums even have videos that show them channeling on youtube.com and vimeo.com.

3) And finally trust your instincts! If something doesn’t feel right, keep looking! You will find a medium that is right for you. Many people are tapping into other realms these days. Never feel rushed or pressured to take the first person that comes along. Feeling comfortable is key to any good reading, for both the medium and the client.


Part 2: Know the Signs

4) Does the medium seem to be leading you on? Are they dangling a carrot on a string in front of you? There are scam artists out there that will tell you what you want to hear right until the end of your time together, and insist there is a message you have to come back to hear. Don’t believe them! A doctor would not keep you waiting for the results of a blood test if they were holding the envelope, and a medium should not withhold a message from the other side (there are circumstances where the message may be unclear but you will be able to feel the difference- you will feel under pressure in one and not the other).

5) Mediums do not have control over what messages they receive and which spirits they talk to. Yes, if a loved one has passed on and they are watching over you, they will, in all likelihood, come forward to communicate their feeling before passing on. But sometimes a relative we’ve never met has attached themselves to us and they would like to give us a message. The good medium will not try to push or pull the channeling session in one direction. Sometimes we want to be told things we want to hear and will try to ask questions that will lead us to the answers we want. An unscrupulous medium who just wants to be paid for their session will tell you what you want to hear. A gifted medium will tell you the truth and may tell you things that will surprise you or are unexpected! Know the difference! Do the answers seem to be coming “too easy”? The most important telling will come from your own inner voice and your own heart. Let your own intuition be the guide!


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